Do you use OJS, OMP, OPS for your publishing? Do you have ideas on how to improve these systems? If yes, attend a PKP sprint! Sprints are free, fun, and interactive events for our community to come together to brainstorm important tasks, set priorities, and work together to make our open source software better, together.

Upcoming Sprints

Past Sprints

Documentation Sprints

PKP’s Documentation Interest Group hosts bi-weekly virtual documentation sprints where software users and developers collaborate on documentation projects.  See the Documentation Interest Group’s page for upcoming sprint topics and information about how to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I participate remotely? Development sprints can only be attended in person. Documentation sprints are offered online. Sprints are just one of the ways though we can work together though. To make software suggestions and contributions online, check out the PKP Community Forum and GitHub repository.

Do I need to know how to code to participate? Not at all! Though there are often many technical tasks, you don’t need to know PHP or MySQL to contribute to the future of OJS. Good software development also involves requirements gather, user interface (UI) prototyping, user experience (UX) evaluation, and other non-coding tasks. 

Who attends PKP sprints? Everyone is welcome. Our sprints attract a wide-range of software users – from programmers and journal managers to librarians and user interface experts. We can only offer sprints in English at this time, however, we work with hosts from around the world to offer diverse locations.

Why should I participate in a sprint? Sprints are a great opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues, get hands on experience, and learn more about our software. Sprints aren’t just a place to share ideas – the work you do has a direct impact on the development of PKP software. Learn more

What tasks will I work on? Tasks vary from sprint to sprint. Participants can share their ideas at registration, then sprint tasks are decided on Day 1 by the group. We’ve seen the most success with small size projects that have teamwork potential and include a mix of both technical, and non-technical, tasks. Check out past sprints to see what we’ve been up to.

Can my organization host a sprint? Contact us to chat further – we’d love to work together!