John Willinsky
John (Khosla Family Professor of Education, Stanford University) started PKP in 1998 at the University of British Columbia in an effort to create greater public and global access to research and scholarship through the use of new publishing technologies. He is the author of, among other books, Empire of Words: The Reign of the OED (Princeton, 1994); Learning to Divide the World: Education at Empire’s End (Minnesota, 1998); Technologies of Knowing (Beacon 2000); and The Access Principle: The Case for Open Access to Research and Scholarship (MIT Press, 2006).

Managing Director (Interim)

James MacGregor
Kingston, ON, Canada – James joined PKP in 2007. Since then he’s worked in documentation, development, support, and outreach. His recent focus is on infrastructure building, in particular around the Coalition Publica national infrastructure project, and working with other international projects and platforms.

Associate Directors

Juan Pablo Alperin
Associate Director of Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada – Juan is an Assistant Professor in the Publishing Program at SFU. Follow Juan on Twitter at @juancommander and see his latest publications and presentations at

Alec Smecher
Associate Director of Development
BC, Canada – Alec is the lead developer for all PKP software and the PKP Web Application Library. When not developing software, he conducts workshops, runs marathons, and plays the drums.

Amanda Stevens
Associate Director of Publishing Services (Interim)
Halifax, NS, Canada – With a Master of Library and Information Studies degree and forever a librarian at heart, Amanda is passionate about connecting people with information and resources. She helps run a zine library in Halifax and spends winters in Mexico.

Operations Management Team

Michael Felczak
Systems and Development Coordinator
Ottawa, ON, Canada


Nate WrightNate Wright
Head of Platform Experience
Edinburgh, Scotland


Lin Zhang
Budget Coordinator


Israel Cefrin
System Administrator/UX Researcher for Accessibility


Kevin Stranack
Membership Development & Community Education
Prince George, BC, Canada


PKP Team

Vitaliy Bezsheiko
Software Developer
Kyiv, Ukraine


Bozana Bokan
Software Developer


Kurt Bolko
System Administrator


Dimitris Efstathiou
Software Developer
Athens, Greece


Alex Garnett
System Developer
Vancouver, BC, Canada


roger gillis photoRoger Gillis
Publication Support Specialist
Halifax, NS, Canada


Erik Hanson
Software Developer


Mark Jordan
Associate Dean of Libraries, Digital Strategy (SFU Library)


Mariya Maistrovskaya
Publication Support Specialist
Toronto, ON, Canada


Patricia Mangahis
Publication Support Specialist


DSC_6971-smallMichael Nason
Publication Support Specialist/Metadata and Crossref Liaison
Fredericton, NB, Canada


Jason Nugent
Senior System Administrator
Fredericton, NB, Canada


Sophy O.
UI/UX Designer
United Kingdom


Andrea Pritt
Publication Support Specialist
Harrisburg, PA, United States


Henrique Ramos
Software Developer
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Janio Sarmento
System Administrator
Ribeirão Preto, Brazil


Kate Shuttleworth
Publication Support Specialist
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Jonas Raoni Soares da Silva
Software Developer
Moscow, Russia


Emma Uhl
Publication Support Specialist
Edmonton, AB, Canada


PKP Advisory Committee

  • Allan Bell, Chair
    Associate University Librarian, Digital Programs and Services
    University of British Columbia
  • Gwen Bird
    Dean of Libraries
    Simon Fraser University
  • Talia Chung
    University Librarian and Vice-Provost (Knowledge Systems)
    University of Ottawa / Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL)
  • Aaron Brenner
    Associate University Librarian for Digital Scholarship & Creation
    University of Pittsburgh
  • Sonya Betz
    Head, Library Publishing and Digital Production Services
    University of Alberta
  • Geoffrey Harder
    Associate University Librarian
    University of Alberta
  • Kaitlin Newson
    Digital Projects Librarian
    Scholars Portal
  • Tanja Niemann
    Executive Director

PKP Community Leaders

  • Sonya Betz
    University of Alberta
    PKP Technical Committee Chair
  • Clinton Graham
    University of Pittsburgh
    PKP Community Forum Leader
  • Kaitlin Newson
    Scholars Portal
    PKP Members Committee Chair/PKP Documentation Interest Group (DIG) Coordinator
  • Antti-Jussi Nygård
    The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies
  • Bronwen Sprout
    University of British Columbia
    PKP Preservation Network (PN) Coordinator
  • Marco Tullney
    German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB)
  • Dulip Withanage
    German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB)

Past Associates

  • Bruno Beghelli, System Developer
  • Lynn Copeland, University Librarian and Dean of Library Services, Simon Fraser University Library (Retired)
  • Matt Crider, System Developer
  • Charles Eckman, University Librarian and Dean of Library Services, Simon Fraser University Library (2010-2013)
  • Samuel Smith Esseh, Researcher
  • Florian Grandel, System Developer
  • Kevin Jamieson, first OJS Lead Developer
  • Chris MacDonald, System Developer
  • Karen Meijer-Kline, Communications and Member Services Officer
  • Brian Owen, PKP Managing Director
  • MJ Suhonos, System Developer
  • Michael Thessel, System Developer