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Bori’s Open Journal Systems (OJS) Plugin

Bori is a unique Brazilian agency that monitors scientific papers about to be published in scholarly journals and shares them with journalists. Connecting the media to peer-reviewed science helps to increase sharing, visibility, public knowledge, and impact over traditional distribution methods.

Bori monitors about one hundred scientific articles per day that are produced by Brazilian researchers, typically published in the more than 150 journals included in the SciELO library

In addition, journals from other indexers that want to disseminate their research to the press can do so with Bori. Read More →

Our Software

Open Journal Systems

OJS is the world's most widely used journal management and publishing system.

Open Monograph Press

OMP establishes an online workspace for editing and publishing books.

Open Conference Systems

Please note that OCS is no longer supported, and is not being actively developed at this time.

Open Harvester Systems

OHS is an indexing system for OJS, OCS and other online resources.