DIG Report – Winter 2020

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Since the last Documentation Interest Group (DIG) update, PKP contributors have been very busy. Kaitlin Newson (Chair, PKP Members Committee and DIG) filled us in with “What’s New with Documentation?” at the PKP conference in Barcelona on November 21, 2019, highlighting several new resources on the PKP Docs Hub. In this report, we’ll recap what you may have missed and give a sneak peak at what’s in store for 2020.

We are beyond grateful to all of our documentation contributors, and for the leadership and expertise of the DIG – it is because of these amazing PKP members that we have such a rich, online documentation resource to share – the PKP Docs Hub. In 2019, the DIG held 22 online documentation sprints (a total of 33 hours) and led documentation topics at all three PKP sprints (Vancouver, Pittsburgh, and Barcelona). These events helped develop several new additions to the PKP Docs Hub, including:

This year, the DIG will continue to update and create new content for the Docs Hub. Keep an eye out for a “Learning OMP 3” guide, a guide to Google Scholar indexing best practices, and updates for the forthcoming OJS/OMP 3.2 release. Another area of focus will be multilingual content. With the launch of Weblate to manage PKP software translations, the DIG is now looking at tools to streamline translations for documentation. 

To keep you informed, we will now be posting DIG reports three times a year (Winter, Spring, and Fall) starting with this post. Watch the PKP website, Twitter, and Facebook for the next DIG report.

Interested in contributing to PKP documentation? Want to learn more about the DIG? Check out our guide to contributing, DIG web page, or email documentation@publicknowledgeproject.org.


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