Where’s OJS/OMP 3.2? Release Q & A

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In September 2019, we announced a code freeze leading up to the release of OJS/OMP 3.2 in what we hoped would be January 2020. Between holding an international conference, the December holidays, and some exciting new advancements, we admittedly got a bit off schedule. We now expect to have this major release completed for the end of February 2020. 

Aside from when, you may also be wondering what’s in store for OJS/OMP 3.2. We asked the PKP Development Team to fill us in by answering five “w” questions. You can also track our progress and check out major and minor milestones for this release on GitHub.

1. Who does this release impact? 

All users – editors, managers, admins, developers, and translators – will notice improvements to the software. Changes in 3.2 will impact workflow, plugins, documentation, and software translation. Immediately, we’re asking PKP software translators, plugin developers, and anyone else who has customized the software to reach out via the PKP Community Forum prior to release.

2. What can we expect in 3.2?

OJS/OMP 3.2 includes several major new features as well as advancements “under the hood.” Here are a few highlights:

  • Versioning: OJS 3.2 introduces the ability to track and capture changes as well as show older versions of published articles. 
  • Statistics: Work with the University of Minnesota (see OJS 3.1.2 release) continues. In 3.2 you’ll see a new statistics area where editors can track the number of submissions, accepted/declined papers, and more.
  • Translation: A better way to translate OJS/OMP has arrived! PKP is now using Weblate to manage translations
  • GPL: PKP has moved to the GPL v3 software license.
  • Workflow: New features combined with ongoing user experience work have led to changes to the user interface. In particular, we have separated publishing concerns from the workflow resulting in a cleaner interface, less confusion around the next steps at the end of the workflow, and better access to submission metadata.

3. Where can I get help or support with the upgrade?

The best place to find support materials (at any time) is on the PKP Docs Hub, your source for all things documentation including developer docs, user guides, and publishing tips. To help you and your team (notably editors), we’re working on support materials, including new documentation, to help users once the software is released to navigate changes on the front-end.

If you still need help, you can also visit the PKP Community Forum. Here you have access to our technical and support team, strategic partners, Technical Committee, and the OJS/OMP community-at-large. Search first to see if your question has already been answered, and if not, post your own comment/question/concern.

4. When should I plan to upgrade?

You can upgrade when it is most convenient to you anytime following the release at the end of February. If you think you and/or your team may need additional support, such as training for your users or time to work through a customizations, we recommend previewing the new release first and watching for documentation that will support your upgrade. 

5. Why the delay? 

We decided to postpone the release for several reasons, primarily due to a delayed (but successful) launch of our long-awaited translation tool set and the need to align our work with the soon-to-be-released PKP Preprint Server.

Comments, questions, or concerns? Ask your questions on the PKP Community Forum. Stay tuned to our website for more release news and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for special sneak-a-peak updates.  


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