R&D Initiatives

These projects reflect our ongoing work to improve our software and contribute to enhancing the technology for scholarly communication.

Major Science Initiative

Canadian Foundation for Innovation, 2017-2022

In partnership with Érudit, PKP has been recognized as a Major Science Initiative in Canada, the only Humanities and Social Science project in this category. Funding will help to ensure the maintenance of PKP as a sustainable research and development facility serving the needs of researchers in Canada and internationally. To further our work, we have created the Coalition Publi.ca, which formalizes the partnership between our two organizations.

CyberInfrastructure Grant

Canadian Foundation for Innovation, 2017-2020

Also in partnership with Érudit, this grant funds the development of the OJS beacon (to help us better understand and serve the globally distributed OJS community), our work to better automate and edit the production of JATS-XML galley files and their integration into the OJS workflow, and the creation of alternative forms of metrics, including our work on Paperbuzz.