Join our team and help PKP build an open alternative in scholarly publishing.

Leadership Positions

Our directors manage PKPā€™s teams in day-to-day operations, as well as in leading new initiatives and partnerships that are the backbone of our publishing services, software development, and strategic initiatives.

    • No positions are currently available.

Development Team

Our developers are responsible for designing, developing, and implementing clear and secure software solutions for a variety of open source applications.

    • No positions are currently available.

Technical Support Specialists

Our technical support specialists help our community meet their publishing goals — by providing technical and hosting support for journals, conferences or monographs using PKP software, writing and updating documentation, teaching workshops, and more.

    • No positions are currently available.

Student Assistant Positions

PKP is an idealĀ place to work part time as a student. Receive real-world experience on exciting scholarly publishing projects, work with librarians, publishers and scholarsĀ from our community, and enjoy theĀ ability to set your own schedule thanks to the flexibility of telecommuting.

    • No positions are currently available.

Communications and Marketing Positions

Our community support staff work to build strong relationships with our community partners, and help spread the word about PKP’s goals and objectives in transforming scholarly communication.

    • Community Engagement and Outreach position seeks librarian, see here.

For more information, contact us at contact@publicknowledgeproject.org.