Documentation Interest Group Report Released

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It has been a long time since we last reported on the activities of PKP’s Documentation Interest Group (DIG), and we’re very excited to let you know about some of the things we’ve worked on, new and old!

With the resumption of conferences and other in-person events, we’ve also had the opportunity to directly solicit feedback from PKP Docs Hub users and connect with our communities through activities like card sorting, focus groups, as well as documentation writing and translation sprints. 

This report covers advancements from January to June, 2022. We really look forward to incorporating everyone’s suggestions and contributions as we continue to improve our offerings.

New Documentation and Developments

The following documentation has been added to the PKP Docs Hub since the beginning of 2022:

  • The Index Application Guide, a new guide to choosing indexes and preparing your journal for applying to an index; 
  • Learning OJS 3.3 was updated to include embedded video tutorials throughout the guide; 
  • The Theme Features and Design Elements chapter was added to the Designing Your Journal guide, which outlines features and considerations for each theme available for OJS; 
  • A Plugin Inventory, which briefly describes available plugins for OJS and links out to information about each plugin; 
  • A Guide to Plan S Compliance in OJS, which outlines the steps journals can take to ensure they are meeting all of the requirements to publish articles that result from research funded by cOAlition S; 
  • The DIG has formed a Spanish-speaking subgroup with members based in Latin America – Si está interesado en preparar y traducir documentación en español, por favor, escriba a; 
  • We adopted Crowdin as our new easy-to-use platform for translating documentation – if you are interested in translating, you can read more here, but we are confident that anyone can sign up and start translating with ease. Just email if your language isn’t already available! 
  • Lastly, a new Contributor’s Guide was published for plugin and theme developers and code collaborators. The guide covers issue management, how to make pull requests, and includes style guides for PHP and Vue.js.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the release of these exciting DIG projects later this year:

  • A guide on best practices for publishing in multiple languages in OJS;
  • A guide for online first/continuous publishing in OJS;
  • Overhauled documentation on components and multimodal file uploads in OJS, as well as a new guide on multimodal publishing practices;
  • Updates to the DOI Plugin Guide, which will be combined with the Crossref Guide.

Want to learn more about PKP documentation? Check out past updates on PKP News, visit the DIG web page, and/or email

— Compiled by Emma Uhl in consultation with the DIG.

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