PKP Publishing Services Welcomes OPS Hosted Client: Engineering Archive

January 26th, 2022 by  | Comments Off on PKP Publishing Services Welcomes OPS Hosted Client: Engineering Archive

PKP Publishing Services (PKP|PS) is happy to welcome our first Open Preprint Systems (OPS) hosted client, Engineering Archive (engrXiv).

Open Engineering Inc launched engrXiv in 2016 with the mission of openly disseminating engineering knowledge and is now migrating from OSF Preprints, the Centre for Open Science’s preprint service, to OPS, an open-source system developed by PKP in partnership with SciELO, for managing and posting preprints online. The move will provide engrXiv with greater operational control and the support of a strong open source community. 

This new OPS instance will receive support from and be hosted by PKP|PS, which currently hosts 700 Open Journal Systems (OJS) journals, Open Monograph Press (OMP) presses, and now, OPS preprint servers. To achieve this, PKP|PS has developed an import tool to migrate content from OSF, via the OSF API, to OPS 3.3.0. The tool will be freely available in PKP’s Github repository soon. 

Providing an affordable alternative to other preprint management systems, OPS is highly customizable, is available in different languages, provides a rapid workflow, and integrates with publishing services like Crossref and ORCID. 

OPS is free and open source. You can learn more about its features in PKP’s Learning OPS user guide and hosting requirements on PKP’s website.

A steering committee of engineers and members of the engineering librarian community serves to advise engrXiv. The complete list can be found here.

Contact PKP Publishing Services for more information about hosting, support, migration, and custom development for OJS, OMP, and OPS. All revenue is used to fund the development of PKP’s free and open source software and services, which benefit the entire global scholarly community. 


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