Location of known journals using PKP’s Open Journal Systems

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PKP’s software is widely used around the world, but it is only now that we feel confident in stating that Open Journal Systems (OJS) is supporting over 25,000 active journals, collectively publishing up to a million articles per year. Keeping track of this large user community is challenging, but comprehensive and research-based data collection regarding the OJS publishing community has allowed PKP to provide an accurate snapshot of those who use OJS. 

A map of the global OJS user community is available at : https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/stats/.

The public dataset is available at: https://dataverse.harvard.edu/dataset.xhtml?persistentId=doi:10.7910/DVN/OCZNVY.

Juan Pablo Alperin, Associate Director of Research, Public Knowledge Project & Co-Director, Scholarly Communications Lab, states, “It is incredibly rewarding to see the full extent of the PKP community and to know that we played a part in making the knowledge of hundreds of thousands of scholars from around the world available to the public.” He also shares that the data proves how relatively small investments in open infrastructure can have an outsized impact. 

Having a good understanding of the user community allows PKP to make fact-based decisions on the future of the software. PKP is also re-imagining how to construct, produce, and value knowledge to provide a wider community access to research.

Stanford students have been instrumental in this process. Saurabh Khanna, PhD candidate in Education Policy at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, developed reproducible pipelines and audited data of the beacon reports, and says, “It is both exciting and intrinsically motivating to be a part of a project that aims to decolonize academic scholarship by enabling higher visibility for research originating in the Global South.” The public dataset contains excellent materials for further research e.g. on languages, disciplines, and other publishing subcommunities. 

Part of the foundation of OJS is building on one another’s achievements, and Jon Ball, PhD Student in Education and Jewish Studies, Stanford GSE, says that is critical to driving innovation for the future. “From Balochi linguistics to Jewish Studies (in Chinese!), the beacon data demonstrate the incredible diversity of academic endeavors supported by OJS. I personally look forward to seeing further growth in Indonesia’s research output.” Jon also states, “We are currently writing an article detailing the diversity and robustness of scholarship supported by OJS. We hope to draw attention to the often overlooked academic communities using OJS around the world, especially in the Global South.”

The PKP beacon team presented results from its work at Open Publishing Fest, a decentralized public event that brings together communities supporting open source software, open content, and open publishing models. The presentation can be watched here in full: Location of known journals using PKP’s Open Journal Systems

The team behind this research includes Saurabh Khanna, Jonas Raoni, Alec Smecher, Juan Alperin, John Willinsky and Jon Ball.

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