The Road to Preprints (Part 2): SciELO’s Preprint Server

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Our preprints story continues with a guest post by SciELO. In addition to seed funding to make Open Preprint Systems (OPS) possible, SciELO is working closely with the PKP team to make sure that the software is developed and maintained following state-of-the-art best practices and that its features satisfy the needs of a diverse community. 

By Abel Packer (Director and Co-Founder, SciELO) and Alex Mendonça (Online Submission Coordinator, SciELO)

The SciELO Program adopted preprints as the initial step of its research communication flow in part to align with SciELO’s open science modus operandi to improve transparency, collaboration among researchers and disseminations of scientific knowledge. SciELO is a pioneer of open access publishing and the alignment with open science research practices was a natural advancement. The SciELO Publishing Model is also enriching journals with research data management communication functions and open peer review options. In the coming three to five years it is expected that most of SciELO journals will be operating within the open science modus operandi.

Preprints and research data files related to articles published by SciELO Journals may reside in any of the truthful and recognized preprint servers and research data repositories. SciELO will also operate a central research data repository and a central preprint server with the possibilities that SciELO Network collections operate their own preprint servers and data repository.  After the analysis of different options to operate its preprint server, SciELO Program allied with PKP on the development of the OPS. A public announcement was done during the SciELO 20 Years Week.

The regular operation of the SciELO Preprint Server is expected by June 2020. In parallel to the complex technicalities that involves the introduction of preprint operation, research data management and the opening of peer review, SciELO has been promoting an intensive program of meetings with journal editors to minimize disruptions and maximize the gains promised by open science.

The adoption of preprints in convergence with journals by SciELO will contribute to expedite research results and improve transparency. It also represents a major political, operational and technological challenge. In putting together OJS and OPS as an open science publishing suite, PKP brings another unique contribution to the dissemination of scientific knowledge. 

Join us on March 4, 2020 at 9:00AM PST for a free, live demo and webinar of Open Preprint Systems (OPS) Beta 3.2. Register online to reserve your spot. Beta demo and download are now available online:

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