Release Notebook for OJS/OMP 3.2 Now Available

February 11th, 2020 by  | Comments Off on Release Notebook for OJS/OMP 3.2 Now Available

The release of OJS/OMP 3.2 is right around the corner. If your institution has written custom themes or plugins, your technical staff may need to make changes to the code which runs your journals and presses before you update.

To help, we’ve prepared a Release Notebook for 3.2 that provides technical guidance on changes that will impact software developers, plugin and theme authors, and anyone who works with the application’s codebase.

Big things are coming to OJS/OMP in version 3.2. We strongly advise technical staff to read the Release Notebook before upgrading to familiarize themselves with the most important changes.

This is our first Release Notebook, and a new format that we are introducing on the Docs Hub (part of our Developer Docs), for our technical community of coders, sysadmins, and anyone responsible for keeping their sites running. Our plan is to provide a Release Notebook for every major release which will document breaking changes, evolving code architecture, and more.

Let us know in the community forums if you liked it, if you think we missed anything, or you would prefer a different format.


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