PKP 2019 Five Reasons Why: #1 Software

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There are many reasons why you should join us in Barcelona this November for PKP 2019, our Seventh International Scholarly Publishing Conference. There are the obvious reasons, such as our low conference rates and stellar lineup of keynote speakers, but if those aren’t enough to convince you, we’ve got five more reasons why you should join us. First reason: you use our software (most notably, Open Journal Systems).

PKP 2019 isn’t just a conference. It’s an international gathering of our community: researchers, editors, librarians, technologists, and publishers. There are approximately 10,000 active journals using Open Journal Systems (OJS) in the world right now. And among those, thousands of journal editors and managers, software developers, librarians, publishers, and authors. We meet virtually with this community on the PKP Community Forum, work together on GitHub, and meet at least once a year in person at PKP sprints, but our biannual conference is something special. Our conferences enable us to celebrate and share the work we do, swap stories, discuss research, and have real, face-to-face conversations about the one thing we all have in common. 

What can you expect at PKP 2019? The week begins with a software sprint on November 18th and 19th, 2019. This is the time to bring your ideas, struggles, and wish list to the table. Sprints aren’t a sit back and listen kind of event. Rather, they are hands-on gatherings where you – our users – can make direct contributions to the development of our software. The PKP 2019 sprint is separate from the conference, and free registration opens in September. You can read more about sprints here.

Next, on Wednesday, November 20th, our pre-conference begins. We’re bringing a team of experts from around the world (quite literally – from Canada, UK, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Spain, and the USA) to teach not one, but six OJS workshops (two in Spanish). You can check out the lineup here. Workshops are only available to conference registrants. 

And last, but not least, we’re currently combing through an amazing list of proposals from software users just like you. Our program for November 21-22 won’t be ready until the end of August, but we can already see an amazing lineup coming together. We asked applicants to reflect on both where they’ve been, and where they’re heading – something we’ll be doing at PKP 2019 as well. We’ve dedicated an entire conference track to “Community” that will include stories, updates, and key learnings from our diverse group of software users, contributors, partners, and staff.

PKP 2019 is definitely the place to be if you use OJS or Open Monograph Press (OMP). It’s like a reunion, education, and focus group all in one.  Hurry though, early registration ends September 13, 2019.


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