Need a bold design? New “Immersion” Theme for OJS

May 24th, 2019 by  | Comments Off on Need a bold design? New “Immersion” Theme for OJS

There’s a new theme in town – and it isn’t shy. PKP is pleased to present “Immersion,” a bold, artistic design for journals using OJS 3.1.1+. If you want to stand out, this theme’s for you.

Immersion has an ambitious visual profile that uses colour and font to emphasize the reading experience. Arts and culture journals, in particular, may find this theme appealing given its striking aesthetic and strong artistic personality. In particular, this theme is well suited to those willing to experiment with bold colour blocks.

To view, visit our our demonstration site. You’ll immediately notice a full-width image in the header.

Per-section colour choices create a punchy definition without overwhelming.

The design is rounded out with the use of a serif typeface (Spectral) paired with crisp sans-serif (Roboto).

Immersion is the fourth custom theme by PKP, joining Classic, Health Sciences, and Manuscript. PKP themes are available free via the plugin gallery if you’re running OJS 3.1.1 and higher. Themes control the look and feel of a journal, including colour, layout and typography. Designed and developed locally, PKP themes expand opportunities for users to create sites that meet their unique needs.

Ready to give Immersion a try? Installation and configuration instructions are available in our style guide. Be sure to keep in touch too – share your new Immersion OJS site in our Community Showcase.

Are you a web developer looking to tailor the look and feel of your journal or press with custom PHP, HTML, and CSS code? Check out the “PKP Theming Guide,” an introduction to building custom themes for OJS 3.0+ and OMP 1.2+.

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