OJS 2.4.5 has been released!

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You will find the release notes here, but some of the more exciting new features are:

OJS now supports automatic CrossRef deposits.
With this new version of OJS comes an updated “2.0” release of the CrossRef plugin, adding new functionality and features; such as automatic deposits. This plugin will see continued refinement and improvement as its use increases.

PKP and CrossRef are collaborating to help publishers and journals using Open Journal Systems (OJS) take better advantage of CrossRef services. As of 2014, PKP has become a Sponsoring Entity of CrossRef, and as such will be providing much improved CrossRef integration and overall support for the service. Additionally, PKP can now act as a sponsor representative for OJS journals wishing to apply for CrossRef membership, and is in some cases able to waive fees. You’ll find more information, as well as instructions on how to configure OJS for automatic deposits, on this page

PKP Publishing Services provides additional CrossRef support. All hosted clients can rely on our internal expertise to assist with plugin setup and support. Additionally, Enterprise clients will now have CrossRef represented membership and DOI deposits included as part of the Enterprise hosting package.

PKP Private LOCKSS Network (PLN)
We have added the PKP Private LOCKSS network plugin. The PKP Private LOCKSS Network (PLN) is designed to digitally preserve OJS journals. The LOCKSS program offers decentralized and distributed preservation of the original version of the content, and perpetual access. The PKP PLN will ensure that journals that are not part of the Global LOCKSS Network, which primarily preserves content from larger publishers and vendors, or an existing PLN, which preserve small numbers of OJS journals hosted by member libraries, can be preserved. You will find more info here.

Universal Analytics
OJS now supports Universal Analytics, which “introduces a set of features that change the way data is collected and organized in your Google Analytics account, so you can get a better understanding of how users interact with your online content.”

New webpage for developers
From translations to plugins to core development, testing, and bugfixes, our software depends on the strength of its open source community. Concurrent with the new release, we have created a place on our webpage specifically for people involved or interested in becoming involved in contributing to the PKP software. On this new page for developers you will be able to connect to the community and the core development team, and find resources that will help you in your work. On this page, you will also find all our blog posts with topics of particular interest for the developer community.

Many thanks to our excellent volunteer translators and the growing list of code contributors, bug reporters, and testers. We truly appreciate your work!

You can download the new version of OJS from our download page.

4 Comments on "OJS 2.4.5 has been released!"

  1. Darryl Nuyda says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks a lot;

  2. Darryl Nuyda says:

    Wow! a new version; good.

    Question: 1. it is possible that the CrossMark & fundref are in the plugins? and other services of CrossRef, we are a member of CrossRef.

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