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From translations to plugins to core development, testing and bugfixes, PKP software depends on the strength of its open source community. See current development projects or find developer resources and contact the community and development team using the links below.

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Announcing the PKP Documentation Hub

At the PKP Code Sprint in 2017, a group of PKP community members/supporters created a report on PKP’s myriad documentation. As our software had grown over ~20 years, so too had our solutions for platform- and task-specific documentation. By the end of the sprint, the group identified redundant and deprecated documentation for outdated versions of software, specific plugins, unique tasks, and information on publishing. Documents existed in various corners of our website: on the PKP Wiki, as commonly shared forum posts, in Github, and in the service known as Gitbook. Not only was documentation hard to locate, but it was also difficult for community members to contribute. It was clear that we had a lot of work ahead of us.
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