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Curious what the PKP team has been working on last week? The PKP Roundup gives quick updates on our latest software developments.

OJS Stable line (2.4.x):
OJS 2.4.4. is scheduled for release soon: work is being done on some recommended patches that came out of our latest development sprint, and we are in the process of making sure that all the usual languages are in place. We created new translation pages, for improved tracking of all our different translations. Here, translators can maintain their own wiki pages, and will have one point of contact to guide and manage the translation process. This new release will also include the new Dataverse plugin, and the ALM plugin.

OJS 2.4.5. is tentatively scheduled for July 2014, and will include our new PKP Private LOCKSS Network (PLN) plugin, the new XML plugin, and an updated CrossRef plugin.

OMP 1.1:
Work is continuing on OMP 1.1.1. Among other things, we’re working with the Freie Universitat Berlin and Ubiquity Press on several bug fixes and other feedback.

PKP General Software Milestones (provisional) for 2014

If you have any comments or questions about these updates and our software developments, let us know in the comments below!

(You will be able to find all PKP Roundups via the ‘PKP Updates’ news category.)


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