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OMP Development Roadmap

You will find the OMP development roadmap for 2012 and onwards below. An older version of the roadmap can be found at the OMP Roadmap 2011, but the text below reflects the current progress and the current plans.

We use this document for the allocation of resources and as a public record of our plans and progress. OMP is being developed in partnership with Athabasca University Press.

A few links that describe our future progress:

  • The specifications (somewhat outdated) we are working from are here
  • and this PDF (somewhat outdated) has a snapshot of our progress and features in Scope for a 1.0 release

Milestone 1.1.x (Ad-hoc scheduling)

Releases of OMP 1.1.x will be scheduled according to the accumulation of bug fixes.

Milestone 1.1 (Q1 2014)

This milestone introduces import/export tools, statistics, and expedited submission tools, in addition to bug fixes to address issues in OMP 1.0.

Milestone 1.0 (Q1 2013)

This milestone is the initial production release of OMP. It follows on the 1.0b release with bug fixes and feedback from the early adopters. It includes additional languages thanks to the translator community.

Milestone 1.0b (Q3 2012)

This milestone is the initial (beta) release of OMP. This will be the first complete and functional release of OMP, suitable for early adopters to begin using in an experimental production environment.

Milestone 0.8.2 (Q2 2012)

This milestone represents a pre-release external testing process. Interested institutions are invited to assist in the testing of OMP before its release, in order to help us ensure that the initial release of OMP is as usable as we can make it, and helping to identify future directions for follow-up releases.

Milestone 0.8.1 (Q2 2012)

This milestone represents a pre-release internal testing process. At this stage implementation of functionality is essentially complete and development effort shifts to refinement and bug fixing.