OJS, OMP, and OPS are multilingual. This allows the software interface to be available in different languages and allows journals and presses to publish in a variety of languages. The Public Knowledge Project aims to support English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese translations for OJS. Community members have translated the software into many additional languages and we welcome contributions at any time.

Contribute to translation

You can contribute to the PKP community by translating the software or translating documentation. Software translations are collected and maintained using Weblate, available at Documentation translation is completed and managed with a tool called Crowdin. To get started with translating and learn more about how it works, see the PKP Translating Guide.

Available languages

A list of languages available for each software application is listed below.

OJS 3 Languages

See for a list of current OJS languages.

OPS Languages

See for a list of current OPS languages.

OMP Languages

See for a list of current OMP languages.

OCS Languages

  • Basque (eu_ES)
  • Catalan (ca_ES)
  • Chinese (zh_TW)
  • Czech (cs_CZ)
  • Farsi (fa_IR)
  • French (fr_CA)
  • German (de_DE)
  • Italian (it_IT)
  • Portuguese (pt_BR)
  • Portuguese (pt_PT)
  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Spanish (es_AR)
  • Spanish (es_ES)