Technical Committee

Special Thank you to Sonya Betz, Past Chair, University of Alberta

Terms of Reference


The Technical Committee will make decisions, recommend action, and oversee activities that enable the realization of the following objectives:

  • Sustainability of PKP software
  • Positioning of PKP software as useful for scholar-led, independent publishing
  • Emphasizing the open and collaborative character of PKP software
    • Built on free/libre ethical principles
    • Built via an inclusive and collaborative community effort
    • Built towards shared knowledge as a public good

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide technical input and advice on PKP’s software development methodologies and priorities
  • Undertake specific technical assignments on behalf of PKP
  • Monitor and support the development and release progress of PKP software
  • Recommend technical priorities to PKP and to the Advisory Committee
  • Track the latest discussions and current state of scientific publishing in order to align PKP products with emerging ideas


  • Chair, selected by Advisory Committee (on the advice of the Technical Committee)
  • PKP Liaison
  • Up to one (1) representative from each of the Development Partners
  • Up to three (3) members from the Members Committee
  • Up to three (3) additional members
  • Discretion to invite other staff or community members to participate for specific topics


  • Two year terms, starting April 1
  • Renewable 
  • Members wishing to renew their membership on the Technical Committee will notify the Chair of their intent two months prior to the expiration of their term.

Chair Selection

  • Call for nominations will go out to committee members via email from the outgoing chair
  • Responses will be sent, in confidence, to the outgoing chair
  • If more than one nominee accepts the nomination, an election will be held, with members sending their preferred choice in confidence, via email, to the outgoing chair
  • The nominee with a majority of votes will be selected
  • In the event of a tie, the PKP Managing Director will make the decision
  • The selected nominee will be approved by the PKP Advisory Committee


  • Monthly
  • Additional meetings can be scheduled as needed


Current Members

  • Marc Bria (Chair, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) [ 2013 – ]
  • Davin Baragiotta (Erudit) [ 2022 – ]
  • Sonya Betz (Past Chair, University of Alberta) [ 2018 – ]
  • Rick Hoover (University of Pittsburgh) [ 2022 – ]
  • Pierre Lasou (Université Laval) [ 2022 – ]
  • Alex Mendonça (SciELO) [2017 – ]
  • Antti-Jussi Nygård (at-large member) [2020 – ]
  • Alec Smecher (Past Chair, PKP) [ 2013 – ]
  • Ronald Steffen (Free University Berlin) [ 2019 – ]
  • Dulip Withanage (TIB Hannover) [2015 – ]

Past Members

  • Allan Bell (UBC)
  • Bozana Bokan (Free University Berlin)
  • Kenton Good (University of Alberta)
  • Clinton Graham (Past Chair, University of Pittsburgh)
  • Brian Gregg (Pitt)
  • Jeanette Hatherill (Past Chair, University of Ottawa)
  • Barbara Hui (Past Chair, CDL)
  • Bart Kawula (OCUL)
  • Qinqin Lin (OCUL)
  • Svantje Lilienthal (Free University Berlin)
  • James MacGregor (PKP)
  • Jason Nugent (PKP)
  • Lisa Schiff (CDL)
  • Bronwen Sprout (UBC)
  • Kevin Stranack (PKP)
  • Marco Tullney (at-large member)