Technical Committee

Terms of Reference


  • provide technical input and advice on PKP’s software development methodologies and priorities
  • undertake specific technical assignments on behalf of PKP


  • Chair, selected by Advisory Committee for a two year term
  • 1 or more representatives from the PKP Software Development and Support Team (ex officio)
  • 1 or more representatives from each of the Development Partners:
    • Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL)
    • University of British Columbia (UBC)
    • University of Pittsburgh (UPitt)
    • University of Alberta Libraries (UAL)
  • 3 representatives from the Members Committee, for two year terms
  • 3 at-large members, invited by the Technical Committee, for two year terms



Current Members

  • Marc Bria (at-large member, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
  • Kenton Good (UAL)
  • Clinton Graham (Chair, UPitt)
  • Brian Gregg (UPitt)
  • Bartek Kawula (OCUL)
  • Ronald Steffen (Free University Berlin)
  • James MacGregor (PKP)
  • Chris Maden (University of Illinois)
  • Alex Mendonça (SciELO)
  • Alec Smecher (PKP)
  • Marco Tullney (at-large member)
  • Dulip Withanage (at-large member, Heidelberg University)


PKP Technical Committee google group (invitation only; list messages archived there)

Meeting agendas and minutes