Members Committee

Terms of Reference


  • To foster connectedness, learning, and sense of community amongst PKP members
  • To crowdsource innovation and sustainability
  • To provide ideas, advice, and assistance for PKP software development from a user-centred perspective
  • To provide ideas, advice, and assistance for PKP community engagement and education activities


  • The Chair or Co-Chairs will be a member(s) of the Members Committee from a development partner or sponsoring institution
  • The Chair(s) will be appointed by the Advisory Committee for a two-year term
  • The Chair(s) will work closely with PKP staff to identify appropriate tasks for committee members, such as writing blog posts, participating in usability testing, providing feedback on PKP projects, participating on working groups, etc.


  • Membership on the committee is open to anyone actively involved with PKP applications or services
  • Representatives from PKP development partners and sponsoring organizations will be invited to join
  • The PKP Associate Director for Strategic Projects & Services will also be a member of the committee (ex-officio)


  • Virtual meetings will be called on an “as needed” basis
  • In-person meetings will be organized around PKP sprints and AGMs
  • Communications will primarily be via the email group ( and social media (PKP blog, Twitter, Facebook)


  • To assist PKP with community engagement activities
  • To support PKP in its ongoing efforts to remain financially sustainable, including through fundraising activities and encouraging new sponsors or development partners to participate.
  • To provide guidance and advice on software development, community services, education initiatives, marketing + communications, and financial sustainability strategies
  • Working groups or Interest Groups may be formed to assist with specific tasks, such as planning and supporting PKP conferences and events, enhancing fundraising efforts, reviewing communication plans, writing documentation, etc.

Current Members

  • Sonya Betz, University of Alberta
  • Mark Cyzyk, John Hopkins University
  • Alan Darnell, OCUL (Regional Group: Scholars Portal)
  • Vanessa Gabler, University of Pittsburgh
  • Harriett Green, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Nick Homenda, Indiana University
  • Inba Kehoe, University of Victoria
  • Jessica Lange, McGill University
  • Holly Mercer, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Kaitlin Newson, OCUL (Regional Group: Scholars Portal) (Chair)
  • Judith C. Russell, University of Florida
  • Bronwen Sprout, University of British Columbia
  • Mariya Maistrovskaya, University of Toronto
  • James MacGregor, PKP (ex officio)