The PKP Amend Copyright Tour 2022

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Should copyright be on the open access agenda? John Willinsky says yes as he embarks on a world tour to convince stakeholders that it is time for reform. 

With John Willinsky’s new (open access) book from MIT Press as a starting point, this tour of law schools, publishers, societies, funders, and research institutes considers whether it is time to place copyright on the open access agenda, now that we have finally agreed on the value of open access. 

After all, copyright legally enforces journal subscriptions, while offering publishers no such legal assurances for open access. 

This is impeding the move to open access in a timely manner at a fair price. It calls for more than such copyright workarounds as sharing final drafts. Willinsky invites consideration of two legislative remedies: Strengthening copyright’s research exceptions and limitations, and introducing statutory licensing for research publications. 

He explores the international implications of such reforms, particularly amid current European copyright initiatives. He asks, ultimately, whether it is time for those interested in the progress of science to take up copyright reform. 

Paul Goldstein, “a globally recognized expert on intellectual property law,” who attended one of the Amend Copyright Tour workshops at Stanford, told Willinsky that the project was “substantial and important.” More recently in London, Willinsky ran into “great sympathies” toward the case he presented for copyright reform, as a legal scholar put it, and an acknowledgement that copyright “was no longer fit for purpose,” while a scholarly publisher welcomed further exploration of such ideas. 

John Willinsky is Co-Scientific Director of the Public Knowledge Project, whose open source Open Journal Systems (OJS) is the world’s most widely used journal platform. John is a Professor (Limited Term) at Simon Fraser University, and Khosla Family Professor Emeritus at Stanford University. His dozen books include The Access Principle: The Case for Open Access to Research and Scholarship (MIT Press 2006) and The Intellectual Properties of Learning: A Prehistory from Saint Jerome to John Locke (Chicago 2017). 

Willinsky invites people to contribute to the conversation on social media, view and share his presentation slides, or read the open access version of his book.

This open access book is available here

The presentation John is using for the Amend Copyright Tour workshops is available here.

For the exact time and venue for a presentation location, please write to John at

This tour and the accompanying workshop is supported by Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.

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