PKP and SciELO Announce Renewed Partnership

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The Public Knowledge Project is honoured to announce that the leading international scholarly publishing platform SciELO has become PKP’s most recent Development Partner. The initial collaboration between the two organizations dates back to 2007. PKP and SciELO have both played vital roles in  supporting the growth and spread of open access publishing. They are global leaders in open infrastructure development and supporting open access publishing, with a rich history of working together internationally to advance open access to scholarly research. For example, journals using SciELO have provided PKP with a productive vein of detailed feedback for further improving its software to the benefit of users worldwide, while PKP has helped support key regional scholarly infrastructure developments worldwide. Commitment to this type of community-driven partnership demonstrates the power of collective action to transform scholarly publishing. 

Both organizations share a common vision of a collaboration dedicated to extending the Latin American  ability to publish in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as English. This is a critical aspect for both SciELO and PKP in their efforts to promote a global knowledge exchange .

Mr. Abel L Packer, SciELO Program Director, states, “The PKP and SciELO partnership intersects web-based scientific platforms, libraries and the community at-large towards open science.”

Research output in Latin America has grown more rapidly than most other parts of the world and this partnership will continue to support the development of an open science research communication platform. By continuing to align PKP state-of-the-art software tools (OJS/OPS/OMP) withSciELO’s publishing platform it will make rigorously reviewed and accessible journal articles, evaluation reports, preprints, and books more widely available. Articles published in non-SciELO journals will also be optionally published in a co-developed Post-Print server to make them immediately available to the scientific community.

In becoming a Development Partner, SciELO joined PKP’s Advisory Committee as the first member outside of North America and Europe. 

Dr. John Willinsky, PKP Director, reflects on this innovative accomplishment. “SciELO and the Public Knowledge Project have been natural allies in support of open science and open infrastructure since their common year of founding, 1998, so I am greatly encouraged by how we will now be working even more closely together as development partners to advance global public access to this larger world of research and scholarship.”

SciELO and PKP welcome the opportunity to work with all organizations interested in supporting the development of an open source infrastructure to strengthen the sustainability of open access scholarly communication in line with open science editorial practices across the disciplines. Their longer-term vision is for platforms that can incorporate smart pre-publication services, such as automated XML markup for preprints and publications, as well as interactive data representations.

About Public Knowledge Project

Based at Simon Fraser University and Stanford University, the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a multi-university initiative developing free open source software and conducting research to improve the quality and reach of scholarly publishing. Open Journal Systems (OJS), PKP’s flagship open source publishing platform, is currently employed by over 25,000 scholarly journals to publish in 56 languages worldwide.

About SciELO

SciELO is a bibliographic database, digital library, and cooperative electronic publishing model of open access journals in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. The SciELO Brazil collection is led by the SciELO Program of the São Paulo Research Foundation (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo – FAPESP) that coordinates the development of the SciELO publishing platform and acts as secretariat of the SciELO Network.


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2 Comments on "PKP and SciELO Announce Renewed Partnership"

  1. CodeFlare says:

    This collaboration will bring much benefit for developing free open source software and conducting research to improve the quality and reach of scholarly publishing.

  2. alvaro Diaz says:

    Felicitaciones por la alianza entre PKP y Scielo. Evidentemente que el trabajo conjunto mejora la calidad academica, las publicaciones y a todas las revistas academicas.
    Les envio un abrazo,


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