OJS, OMP, and OPS 3.2.1 Release

June 22nd, 2020 by  | Comments Off on OJS, OMP, and OPS 3.2.1 Release

It’s time to upgrade! PKP is pleased to announce the release of OJS, OMP, and OPS 3.2.1. With this release, Open Preprint Systems (OPS) is officially out of beta, joining Open Journal Systems (OJS) and Open Monograph Press (OMP) in our regular release and support cycle. 

Since the release of OJS/OMP/OPS 3.2 in February 2020, our development team has been busy tackling several small fixes to frequently encountered problems. This release has received a lot of refinement based on feedback, particularly around upgrade problems. We’ve also made improvements to the overall user interface where versioning is concerned. Our thanks, as always, to our global community for reporting bugs and making suggestions via the PKP Community Forum.

What else is new in 3.2.1? Here, from our Development Team, are the top five improvements: 

(1) Editorial statistics now show yearly averages (applicable when statistics exist for at least two full years).

Screenshot with a demo chart for editorial statistics.

(2) Sub-editors can now be assigned to categories to help with submission management. This feature was implemented for OPS, but is also useful for journals that may want to use categories as subject groups with specific editors.  

(3) The last activity filter was introduced in 3.2, but it only allowed you to see submissions with no activity in the last 30 days. Now the filter is adjustable so you can say, “show me all submissions that haven’t had activity in the last X days.”

Animated image showing adjustable days filter to fetch submissions on back end.

(4) OMP now has a site-wide homepage.

(5) We have made significant progress on issues raised by our recent accessibility audit. The latest version includes fixes for about half of the issues raised and we are on track to complete the remaining issues in time for the release of 3.3.

To learn more, the 3.2.1 milestone on GitHub includes a complete list of enhancements

Ready to download? Visit the OJS, OMP, and OPS download pages for instructions and system requirements. Once you’ve downloaded, please share your newly upgraded or newly published 3.2.1 publications in our Community Showcase – we’d love to see and hear how your upgrade went.

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