2020 Coming Attractions

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On behalf of the entire PKP team, I would like to wish our global community a very happy new year and decade. The Public Knowledge Project is poised to contribute much to scholarly publishing this year thanks to the ongoing support of our contributors, sustainers, partners, and granting agencies. Together, we are making knowledge public.

Among the developments that we are planning to make in this new year is the release of OJS and OMP 3.2 (currently slated for late February 2020), which represents a big step forward in our consolidation of code, in our handling of manuscript versioning, and with other features. Then there is the initial release of the PKP Preprint Server, our first new software application since OMP, designed to meet the growing role of preprints in open science, the impact of which is also one of PKP’s key research topics. We can also look forward to our continuing collaboration with Érudit in building out Canada’s open access initiative Coalition Publica, as well as a refreshed brand and shiny new website to better convey who we are and what we have to offer.

We are also excited about being named by SCOSS (Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services) as one of the three projects (along with Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)/Open Access Publishing in European Networks (OAPEN) and OpenCitations) for “library crowd-funding” for 2020-2022. Although we have more to learn about this program, we’ve already received our first contribution which is but one of 114 participating institutions in this initiative. Our three-year plans for SCOSS involve rolling out a marketing initiative for PKP Publishing Services that is intended to gradually enable this unit to cross-subsidize a good portion of the open source software development, while the research and advocacy roles continue to be funded by grants. This is a major move, on PKP’s part, to achieve greater sustainability across our distinct mix of open source software, publishing services, publishing research, and open access advocacy roles.

It is certainly exciting times ahead for 2020 and beyond as we continue to pursue universal open access on a global scale. Thank you to all who have joined us past, present, and future who believe in our mission to provide free open source software to anyone, anywhere, as a means of lowering barriers to creating, presenting, and sharing scholarly content.

Is your institution a SCOSS member? Are you interested in helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of the world’s open science infrastructure? To learn more and/or become a sustaining member of PKP, please check out the PKP Scoss Flyer.

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