Announcing “Getting Found, Staying Found” (2nd Edition)

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The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is pleased to announced the release of Getting Found, Staying Found, Increasing Impact (2nd Edition) on PKP┃Help. Getting Found, Staying Found is a resource for open access (OA) journals, especially those using Open Journal Systems (OJS). The resource provides guidance around issues of discoverability and sustainability including visibility, increasing profile and impact, and preservation.

A little history: Getting Found, Staying Found was first published in 2006 and written by PKP director Kevin Stranack when OJS was just growing and starting to take hold in the online journal publishing world. It was designed as a resource to help journal editors and managers take into account various issues around discoverability and sustainability when publishing OA journals. Of course, the online publishing world has changed significantly since 2006 – a change that has only increased the need to ensure OA journals are sustainable and discoverable. The issue, we’d argue, is more pressing than ever.

At the 2017 PKP Sprint in Montréal, a group came together to work on updating Getting Found, Staying Found and contribute new content as a part of a book sprint. Since then, the document has undergone more contributions and editing, and in December 2018, the PKP Documentation Interest Group provided editing expertise for the document. PKP associate Roger Gillis served as Editor for the collection. Contributors also include members of the PKP community: Sonya Betz, Jennifer Chan, Roger Gillis, Jeanette Hatherill, Suzanne Jay, Andrea Kosavic, Andrea Pritt, Dana MacFarland, Ali Moore, Brownen Sprout, and Kevin Stranack.

Getting Found, Staying Found is not set in stone – PKP will continue to update so to provide ongoing, timely, and relevant guidance. Thank you to all who were involved. We welcome your feedback on this new resource. Check it out and spread the word.



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