Introducing iThenticate support for OJS 3/OMP

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PKP is pleased to announce an OJS 3.x/OMP plugin supporting iThenticate for plagiarism detection in submission files.

Remember that you will first need to register for an account with iThenticate, which is a separate service from PKP. Once you have that, you can follow the steps below to get it working in OJS or OMP.

In your compatible release of OJS or OMP, go to the Plugin Gallery and find the “iThenticate Plugin”:

Click “iThenticate” for more information. If you’re logged in as a Site Administrator, you should have the option to Install the plugin.

Click “Install” to install the plugin and watch for the confirmation indicating that it was successful.

Before you can enable the plugin, you’ll need to add some configuration to your OJS or OMP configuration file. From the README document for the iThenticate plugin:

For this plugin to work, the following must be added to your file:
; iThenticate Plugin Settings ;
; Enable iThenticate to submit manuscripts after submit step 4
ithenticate = On
; The username to access the API (usually an email address)
username = ""
; The password to access the API
password = "password"

Add the configuration to your file, entering your iThenticate username and password.

Once you’ve done this, you should be able to enable the plugin in your website settings.

After the plugin is enabled, any new submissions to the journal will automatically be submitted to iThenticate at the end of the submission process. Each new submission will be placed into a folder along with all of its submission files.

That’s it! You can now automatically check new submissions in your iThenticate account as they come into OJS or OMP.

If you encounter any problems, please drop us a note on the PKP Community Forum.

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