PKP Supports the Library Publishing Coalition

March 2nd, 2018 by  | Comments Off on PKP Supports the Library Publishing Coalition

We are very pleased to be sponsoring the outstanding work of the Library Publishing Coalition, whose efforts are doing so much to build a community of practice in this area, as well as helping library-based publishers gain a better sense of themselves and their unique role in the broader scholarly publishing environment.

In addition to being a sponsor, we are also proud to be recognized as an LPC Strategic Affiliate, to be a member of the LPC, and to be actively involved in LPC committees and activities. We are particularly excited about using their open curriculum modules for developing some new PKP School courses.

The Library Publishing Coalition is also a PKP Strategic Partner, in recognition of their valuable service to our shared communities.

PKP strongly encourages libraries involved in publishing activities to join the LPC, and we would also like to see more of those with the resources to do so to become financial sponsors. It is an investment in strengthening our important sector.

We are looking forward to our continued collaboration and seeing everyone at the upcoming LPC Forum at the University of Minnesota.

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