Migrating bepress Digital Commons Journals to OJS

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The recent announcement of Elsevier’s acquisition of bepress has generated considerable discussion in the library community, especially from those responsible for providing institutional repository and scholarly publishing services at their institutions. PKP has fielded queries on the ease of migrating content from journals using bepress to Open Journal Systems (OJS).

For bepress Digital Commons users looking to work with an open source, community-based, and non-commercial initiative, OJS provides an editorial management and publishing platform to an international community of over 10,000 journals. PKP has recently developed an import plugin that is specifically designed to port and preserve Digital Commons journal content into an OJS installation that can then serve as a journal workflow management and publishing platform. This import plugin was developed with financial support from the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Services to facilitate the transition of their Digital Commons journal content into OJS 3.1. As with all PKP software, this is an open source plugin that is now freely available to everyone, thanks to our friends at the University of Minnesota.


To get started, you will need to export your bepress Digital Commons journal article metadata and galley files.

You will also need an OJS 3.1.0-1 (or newer) installation with the following:
– a destination journal for imported content
– an Author user that should be used as the default account for imported articles
– an Editor user that should be assigned to imported articles

Please visit the plugin’s github repository for a full list of requirements and detailed usage information.


Due to limitations with exported bepress XML metadata, the plugin imports published articles in sequential order. Imported articles may need to be further sorted in their respective issue’s table of contents in OJS. In addition, while the plugin attempts to preserve issue sections, some section names and assignments may need correction following the import process.

The plugin does not import the following journal content, which can be uploaded following the import:
– Article supplementary files
– Issue cover images

The import plugin is intended for journal content only and does not support the migration of Digital Commons conference or book content.

Bugs and Enhancements

PKP welcomes bug reports, bug fixes, and feature enhancements via Issues and Pull Requests on the plugin’s github repository.

PKP Publishing Services looks forward to working with more journals and libraries seeking an open, non-commercial alternative and thanks the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Services for funding this development for the benefit of the wider community. We welcome similar collaborations to improve OJS functionality.

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