PKP 2017 Sprint Report: Book Sprint

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Participants in the Book / Documentation sprint group included: Kenton Good, Andrea Pritt, Jennifer Chan, Jordan Cloutier, Sonya Betz, Mariya Maistrovskaya, Ali Moore, Dana McFarland, Suzanne Jay, Andrea Kosavic, Olga Perkovic, Jeanette Hatherill, Bronwen Sprout, and Roger Gillis.

As part of this group’s efforts, participants put their heads together to develop and revise content for a new edition of Getting Found Staying Found a guide to best practice for Open Access journal publishing. The first edition was released in 2006  aimed at helping OJS journals (and Open Access journals more generally) ensure their findability and sustainability overtime.

The group looked at an existing draft of the book and worked to revise existing sections, make suggestions for overall improvement and contribute new content to the book.

In the course of a day and a half a lot of work was accomplished. Some of the sections that were worked on include:

  1. Getting included in the PKP index and the Directory of Open Access Journal
  2. Getting included in Library catalogues and Link resolvers
  3. Marketing and promotion of open access journals
  4. Open Researcher Contributor IDs (ORCID)
  5. Commercial Scholarly Network Platforms
  6. Encryption and Backup for journals
  7. Bibliometrics, impact, & indicators:
  8. Identifying appropriate indexes and databases

The new edition of Getting Found/Staying Found is a work in progress. The book will be edited, with the hope of launching it for early 2018 – so stay tuned for further details!


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