Join us for the PKP Conference Book/Documentation Sprint

June 1st, 2017 by  | Comments Off on Join us for the PKP Conference Book/Documentation Sprint

The upcoming sprint at the PKP conference in Montréal on August 2 and 3 will also include a “Documentation sprint.”

The documentation sprint will have two focuses: one focus will include participants working to finalize a new edition of the Getting Found, Staying Found guide. This will include doing some updates, revisions, and expansion to the guide. Contributors will receive an authoring/contribution credit and the new guide will be published online by PKP. If you are interested in participating in this, please contact Roger Gillis ( for further details.

Also, as part of the sprint, participants will have an opportunity to revise existing documentation and contribute new documentation as part of PKP’s ongoing documentation efforts.

Have an area that you would like to see better explained as part of PKP’s documentation? Here’s your chance to contribute!

Joining the sprint is free, but registration is required (use the Sprint Only option if you don’t plan to attend the PKP Conference).

We hope to see you there, with your pencils (or laptops!) sharpened!

Kevin, Mike, and Roger

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