PKP 2017-2021 Strategy Draft – Comments Open

April 20th, 2017 by  | 2 Comments

PKP is currently developing its new strategy plan for 2017 – 2021 to guide our efforts over the next 5 years.

To ensure we are meeting the needs of the international PKP community, we would like to share the latest draft of the document with you and invite your feedback. The document is intended to be brief, high-level, and will be used to assist us in making more detailed decisions that will become part of our more focused work plans.

Feedback can be provided using the Comments feature at the bottom of this blog post or within the document itself.

Members of the PKP Advisory, Members, and Technical Committees have all had a chance to comment on the document and their feedback has been incorporated into the current version you have now. Your comments will integrated into the final version of the document, which will be shared publicly later this year, and be our guide over the next five years.

The deadline for feedback is May 19, 2017.

Thank you for taking the time to review the document and provide your thoughts.


2 Comments on "PKP 2017-2021 Strategy Draft – Comments Open"

  1. Handoko says:

    I think the draft has covered all important issues to develop open access platform. I have work with OJS for almost 7 years and found it as an amazing platform. I suggest having comprehensive research regarding user experience, especially in maintaining system. I found that many users have difficulties in managing the user, especially for deleting users. The other problem including updating system which may quite difficult for some users. I think it will be better to provide simpler updating process. I also support PKP to have collaboration with universities and organizations to contribute in developing open access platform for publishing. Thank you for your care of us, especially to get us involve in PKP strategic draft.

  2. Hello all,

    I have no comments to make on the document, except congratulate everyone that participated in developing it. Although I read it pretty quickly, I noticed that everything is being covered. What is most striking in this version is the attention to the next generation and retention plans. I’ve been working/using with PKP software (mainly OJS) since June 2003 and long term maintenance is still a critical point of any online system. It needs to be monitored, checked, rechecked, validated, backed-up, upgraded, customized and improved constantly, and everything in the document points exactly to that end.
    Congratulations and a enormous thank you to PKP and its collaborators and partners for providing the community with such quality software, but, most of all, thank you for the concern and care you have with the user community.

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