OMP 3.1 Released

March 1st, 2017 by  | Comments Off on OMP 3.1 Released

The Public Knowledge Project is pleased to announce the release of OMP 3.1.0.

This release includes numerous minor bug fixes and tweaks to further refine the OMP 1.2.0 release. It refines the major workflow changes introduced with that release. The catalog presentation is refined, and now includes support for the HTML-based presentation of book content.

The move to the 3.1.0 version number reflects our intention to align releases of OJS and OMP, planned to begin with the 3.1.1 releases of both applications. In line with our long-term plans, much of the functionality of both applications has been shared, meaning improvements can be made simultaneously and more rapidly to both applications.

Our thanks go out to our partners and the many community translators and developers whose contributions make our work possible.

To download OMP 3.1.0, and for information on upgrading from previous releases, please see


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