PKP Joins HIRMEOS Project Advisory Board

January 23rd, 2017 by  | 1 Comment

PKP is pleased to have been invited to join the Advisory Board for the HIRMEOS (High Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science infrastructure) Project. Funded by the European Commission, the project will improve five important open access monograph publishing platforms in the SSH and enhance their technical capacities and services, rendering technologies, and content interoperable and embedding them fully into the European Open Science Cloud.  To this end the project will implement shared standards in the different platforms of the partners such that allows interoperability with important European and international registries and services (among which, OpenAIRE, ORCID, Crossref). It will further implement innovative services such as open annotations and altmetrics and improve existing certification services (for the Directory of Open Access Books).

The five platforms include OpenEdition Books (Lodel), OAPEN Library (XTF), EKT Open Book Press (OMP), Ubiquity Press (RUA) and Göttingen University Press.

Other board members include OpenAire, Crossref, ORCID, Google Scholar, Isidore, EvalHum, and  Alec Smecher, PKP’s Associate Director for Development will represent PKP.   We’re looking forward to working alongside the other participants in this significant project to improve open scholarly monograph publishing.

More information is available on the project web site.

One Comment on "PKP Joins HIRMEOS Project Advisory Board"

  1. Marc Bria says:

    Looks like PKP is finally ready to cross the sea.

    Great news. Congratulations!

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