OJS 3.0 Webinar – Sept 7, 9am Pacific

September 6th, 2016 by  | 7 Comments

A quick reminder – our OJS 3 Overview webinar will be held on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 9am Pacific Time.

We will be using a Hangout on Air, which you can view here:

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrKNEdYCBrY

The webinar will be recorded and shared on the PKP Youtube channel for those of you unable to make the live broadcast.

In the webinar, we’ll be looking at:

  • the new OJS 3 interface
  • simplified user registration
  • submissions
  • the editorial workflow
  • discussions
  • and more

We’re looking forward to sharing all of the new enhancements with you!


7 Comments on "OJS 3.0 Webinar – Sept 7, 9am Pacific"

  1. how can Ifollow ?

  2. Melba says:

    From the webinar, I noticed the language option for the website. Has this option been enhanced for all of the journal contents or is it still only for the general website features? Our journal publishes all its contents (articles) in 2 languages (It is a fully bilingual journal.). In the PDF version, which follows the “print” style, we use the traditional two columns, but one column is for the English version and the other is for the Spanish version. And now that OJS will make the XML JATS version available, meaning we will be able to view the full article in a website format (no columns), I wonder if we will be able to make our contents available in both languages without having to create a new, say, Spanish-only journal. When using the English version of the website, will we be able to click on that language option at the top, change the language to Spanish and view everything, even the article, in Spanish as well (provided we upload the translation of the article)?

    • Alec Smecher says:

      Hi Melba! I haven’t looked specifically into multi-language support in JATS and/or the eLife Lens reader we currently support, but it’s a complicated subject:


      If you wanted to publish content in two languages, the easiest way would be to upload a JATS XML document for each language, and potentially tweak your journal to automatically prioritize the language the reader was currently browsing the system in. I suspect a simple bit of CSS would be sufficient. The work would be in producing JATS XML content in parallel in both languages.

  3. Hello, is there a webinar in Spanish?
    Thank you

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