OJS 3.0 Documentation Draft: Registering

February 5th, 2016 by  | 2 Comments

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will introduce draft sections of the new OJS 3 documentation — and much of this will apply to the upcoming OMP 1.2 release as well.

We’re interested in your feedback on the documentation, but also on the design decisions we’ve made for the new versions of the software. You can use the comment feature below, or use the comments within the document itself.

To better view the screenshots, increase the zoom on the Google doc up to 150 or 200%.


I’ll take all of the accumulated feedback into consideration when drafting the final versions of the OJS 3 / OMP 1.2 documentation.

Thanks for your input!


2 Comments on "OJS 3.0 Documentation Draft: Registering"

  1. I suggest that when an account is created for editors or reviewers they become authors as well without needing to choose this option.

    Also, it is important to add Gender drop box because sometime we are confused about the person gender especially Chinese and Koreans.

  2. Marianne Reed says:

    I like the new registration process, but have one suggestion. In the current version of OJS, there is a short explanatory statement about each of the roles in the registration screen. I think that those explanations make the user’s choices clearer and should be included in the new version.

    OJS 2.x:
    Reader: Notified by email on publication of an issue of the journal.
    Author: Able to submit items to the journal.
    Reviewer: Willing to conduct peer review of submissions to the site.
    Identify reviewing interests (substantive areas and research methods):

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