Metapress Migration Services Now Available

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Since the purchase of Metapress by Atypon Systems in April 2014, we have received numerous inquiries regarding the migration of Metapress-hosted content to Open Journal Systems. PKP Publishing Services is pleased to announce that we now provide migration support from Metapress to OJS. Whether you want to use us for your hosting solution or host elsewhere, we can assist with transferring your article and issue content safely and transparently.

Here’s how it works:

  • Metapress provides you with an export of your article content. This export will include all article metadata encoded in XML according to Metapress’ internal DTD, and all article galleys in PDF format.
  • You determine your OJS hosting platform. You can host with us (choosing from one of our three hosting packages), or you can host on your own by downloading and installing the OJS software on a webserver of your  choice.
  • You provide us with the exported content, and we take care of the migration process for you. The cost of this service depends on whether you host with us, or are hosted elsewhere. Please see the fees below.
  • We can also provide additional consultation regarding the management of DOIs; the upgrading of indexing services; and so on. Hosted clients are provided this consultation for free, while we may have to charge a fee for externally-hosted clients.



The following fees are for migrating an entire back archive at once. We will confirm the fee before beginning the migration process.

  • Free migration and support for any journal that purchases a Professional or Enterprise hosting package.
  • Migration and support for any journal that purchases a Basic hosting package, for a flat fee of $1000/journal.
  • Migration and limited support for any non-PKP|PS-hosted journal, for a flat fee of $1500/journal. (The degree of support we can provide is limited to the level of server access we are provided. Running the migration tool will likely be difficult without full CLI/SSH access.)
  • A migration tool will also likely be included in the next version of OJS 2.4, but that will not be available until next summer.


  • If the Metapress export package differs from what we have previously received from interested clients, we can’t provide migration service under the above options. We will of course be able to check this before proceeding, and we may be able to come up with an alternate solution.
  • For clients who choose to host elsewhere: we will have to confirm the level of server access you can provide before confirming the flat fee of $1500/journal. The migration process will require command-line access to the server in order to run properly. In some cases, it may be impossible for us to provide adequate migration services.

Please direct all inquires to:

James MacGregor
PKP Publication Services Coordinator

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