New Horizons for Learning

June 11th, 2014 by  | Comments Off on New Horizons for Learning

Johns Hopkins University (a PKP Silver sponsor) has just gone live with a new OJS-hosted journal, New Horizons for Learning.

The journal, published by the School of Education since the 1980s, was originally hosted on a static website. In a collaboration between the School of Education and the Sheridan Libraries, it was decided to move the journal to a more sophisticated platform, OJS.

Mark Cyzyk, Scholarly Communication Architect at the Sheridan Libraries, created a space for New Horizons on the Johns Hopkins OJS instance, and migrated some of their more recent issues into it. Tahirah Akbar-Williams, former Education Librarian at Johns Hopkins, worked toward acquiring an ISSN, getting a catalog record generated in JHU’s ILMS, and more. A call for papers was sent out by the editors late last summer; and the first issue on OJS has recently been published!

While New Horizons for Learning is geared toward clinical practice in the field of education, the editors, Professors John Castellani and Linda Tsantis, are right now working toward founding a more purely research-oriented journal, the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Education.  This, too, will be hosted on Johns Hopkins instance of OJS.

PKP wishes New Horizons for Learning and Johns Hopkins Sheridan Libraries all the best with their continued open-access publishing and hosting activities!


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