PKP Roundup – May 23

May 23rd, 2014 by  | 4 Comments

Curious what the PKP team has been working on this week? The PKP Roundup gives quick updates on our latest software developments.

OCS 2.3.6 is ready for release and we will decide on a definitive date soon. It will include lots of recommended patches and new features.

OJS Master:
Work continues on UI/UX improvements. Integration testing has been fixed.

Portico plugin released:

This plugin facilitates the transfer of journal content to the Portico digital preservation service, and can be used to deposit your journal content directly to the Portico FTP site, in a format that is ready for the Portico service to use. Portico is a community-supported preservation service that works to preserve its participants’ rapidly growing digital publications, from e-journals to e-books to other digital collections. PKP is proud to assist in this valuable endeavour, and to ensure that OJS publisher participation in the Portico service is as easy as possible.

You can find a download package on the support forum. The plugin can be installed and configured via the Journal Manager -> System Plugins interface. Support queries regarding the technical workings of the plugin can be posted in this thread. For queries about participating in the Portico service itself, please contact

PKP General Software Milestones (provisional) for 2014

If you have any comments or questions about these updates and our software developments, let us know in the comments below!

(You will be able to find all PKP Roundups via the ‘PKP Updates’ news category.)

4 Comments on "PKP Roundup – May 23"

  1. Dany Eudes says:

    Why not publish a OCS 2.3.6-release-candidate-1 version now?

    If bugs are discovered in that release candidate, the issue could be addressed and the testing continues to ensure the fix did not create any new problems.

    In case bugs are found at the RC stage, usually only one round of fixes are required.

    Or so, where I could download this pre-OCS 2.3.6 code for tests?

    Congrats for that great achievement!

    • Karen Meijer-Kline says:

      Hi Dany,

      There was no need; OCS 2.3.6 was practically ready and has now been released! I will publish a blog post about it later today.
      You can always find all our code on Github:

      PKP Team

  2. Is possibility create a page equal to The look, for General Administration? Such as exists for the Journal Manager. I ask because it would facilitate the editing visual of site Administration. It is a suggestion for the next version 3.0 or current version 2.4.x.
    On The “Site Settings” page in Site Administration, there is only the possibility to upload css. I am suggesting that you have options like these: 5.3 Journal Page Header; 5.4 Journal Page Footer; 5.5 Navigation Bar; 5.6 Journal Layout. And if possible to administer plugins on the page “Site Administration” as this option available for Journal Manager: System Plugins.

    Sorry persists, but so there is no need to tinker in the root folder.

    Best regards

    • Karen Meijer-Kline says:

      Hi Nathalia,

      Thanks for your suggestion. Just so that I understand correctly: you mean to be able to modify the look for all journals of a multi-journal OJS install and to manage plugins for the entire site, instead of per journal?

      PKP Team

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