PKP Roundup – April 11

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Curious what the PKP team has been working on this week? The PKP Roundup gives quick updates on our latest software developments.

OJS Stable line (2.4.x):
OJS 2.4.4. is scheduled for release in the next two weeks: work is being done on making sure all translations are in place and that all new additions and plugins are tested. In future, all new projects and larger new features will also include non-technical documentation so that users are able to proper test and understand the addition (e.g. the new Dataverse, ALM, and XML plugins).

OJS 3.0b / OMP 1.2.: Work finished on implementing review forms. We are working on PHP Scrutinizer ( for continuous integration of code quality checking.

PKP General Software Milestones (provisional) for 2014

If you have any comments or questions about these updates and our software developments, let us know in the comments below!

(You will be able to find all PKP Roundups via the ‘PKP Updates’ news category.)

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