PKP Donation Drive

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Like all successful open-source software projects, PKP relies heavily on its community of users to participate and contribute in a variety of ways. Our activities would not be possible without the continued support from all of our users. They ensure that our software, including Open Journal Systems, Open Conference Systems, and Open Monograph Press, continues to be free, supported and enhanced. We will never charge for its download and use. All of our community support, including the online help forums, documentation, and instructional videos are free for everyone. PKP mostly relies on donations, sponsorships, and research grants.

We want to ask you for help to make sure that we can continue to improve our software and sustain your publishing activities. For this reason we will be holding a two-week long donation drive, from April 7 to 18. During that time, you will see a banner or pinned post whenever you visit our website or forums with a link that enables you to donate. Any amount, whether it is $5, $15, or $50 is helpful and much appreciated.

Why we need your support

Your support will ensure that PKP can continue to develop, improve, and support our open source software. It ensures a continued viable and ever improved publishing platform, available to everyone. Our future depends upon strengthened ties and support from others committed to alternative models for scholarly publishing.

If our software and support are useful to you, then please take a minute to keep them free and continually improving.

Thank you!

If you feel called to give outside this two-week period you can do so by using the ‘Donate’ button on the right side of our Sponsors page.

If you have any questions, concerns, or remarks about this campaign; email Karen at

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