PKP supporting OLH development of in-house typesetter

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PKP is supporting the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) in developing their open source in-house typesetter, meTypeset. As outlined in their technical roadmap, the ability to parse user-supplied input documents into open XML formats is a key principle of both reduced spending (and therefore a more viable model) and digital preservation. This funding will allow OLH to bring the oxGarage fork, meTypeset, up to production standards and will integrate XML production into PKP software applications.

This typesetting software, whose commercial equivalents cost tens-of-thousands of dollars per year to license, essentially converts an┬áauthor’s draft in Microsoft Word or other unstructured format┬áinto a machine-readable, simpler format that encodes everything that is needed to produce different types of output: PDF, HTML, EPUB etc. In addition, because the format is open and simple, it is a far smaller task to convert, in the future, to newer formats should it become desirable to do so.┬ámeTypeset is to be integrated within a stack of open-source parsing tools (including ParsCit, Pandoc, LibreOffice, and others), which will provide a complete PKP XML parsing and publication solution.

Please visit the Open Library of Humanities’ blog post for more information.

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