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XML Publishing Roadmap

The PKP, in conjunction with RIT, University of Monash, and UNB ETC, will be extending our publishing support to include XML workflows. The goal is to have our software ingest XML (primarily NLM and Docbook DTDs/schema, with TEI and Erudit to follow) and render/display HTML and PDF.


  • Support Science (NLM) and SSH (Erudit, Docbook, TEI) publishing formats
  • Produce both HTML and PDF rendering
  • Integrate, where appropriate, with: L8X (preview), OJS, and OMP


  • Diagram reasonable XML rendering workflow. (TODO: MJ)

Phase 1

  • Bring XML galleys plugin up to date wrt. localization changes in OJS 2.x
  • Move XSL code from the plugin into the PKP WAL
  • Examine and refactor/merge XSL files for HTML generation from Monash, Open Medicine, Molecular Vision
  • Determine work required to refactor XSL2.0 code to XSL1.0

Phase 2

  • Examine and refactor XSL files for PDF generation from Molecular Vision
  • consider improvements to plugin/XSL classes for supporting XSL2.0 via Saxon

Phase 3

  • Extend the current xmlGalleys plugin (which already supports NLM) to support Docbook and TEI based on XSL from Monash, UNB, UVic



Feature List

Feature list broken down by level of difficulty

Procedural StepFeatureSimpleDifficult
1. Various XML to NLM Docbook->NLM transformation Requires proper XSL files

- have been provided by Monash

- can't handle Docbook 5
To support Docbook 5 we would have to substantially rework (or recreate) the files provided by Monash
TEI->NLM transformation Requires proper XSL files
- will be provided by UVic (will presumably handle Martin's TEIJournal modification; be back-portable to TEI P5)
Erudit->NLM transformation Requires proper XSL files
- possibly provided by UNB?
2. NLM to HTML/PDF galleys NLM->HTML transformation Requires proper XSLT 1.0 files or CSS

- XSLT 1.0 files provided by Monash

- other XSLT 1.0 files (rudimentary) already in use by us
XSLT 2.0 transformation

- UVic would prefer to work with XSLT 2.0 - Emory has provided us with XSLT 2.0 files

- XSLT 2.0 would require using Java to use a 2.0-compatible XSLT engine
XML->XSL:FO->PDF not possible Requires Java