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Development Topics

Community Innovation

We welcome software innovation proposals from all community members, regarding any of our applications. Proposals may concern areas such as development, design, and testing, or other areas of interest. To understand how we manage proposals, please see the Community Innovation Proposal Procedure page. For examples of innovation proposals in various states of completion, see the Community Innovation List.

Table of Contents


I. Concepts and Overview

1. Overview

   2. Basics: Navigation and Roles
       1. Navigating OJS
       2. User Roles
           2.1. About User Roles
           2.2. Available Roles within OJS
           2.3. Registering with a Journal
           2.4. Viewing and Changing your Profile
           2.5. Resetting your Password

II. OJS Pages in Detail

   3. Site Administrator
   4. Journal Management
       1. Overview
       2. Journal Management Pages
           2.1. The Five-Step Setup Process
           2.2. Announcements
           2.3. The Files Browser
           2.4. Journal Sections
           2.5. Review Forms
           2.6. Languages
           2.7. Masthead
           2.8. Prepared Email
           2.9. Reading Tools
           2.10. Statistics and Reports
           2.11. Payments
           2.12. Subscriptions
           2.13. System Plugins
           2.14. Import/Export Functions
           2.15. COUNTER Statistics
           2.16. External Feeds
           2.17. Thesis Abstracts
       3. User Management
           3.1. Emailing Users
           3.2. Enrolling Existing Users
           3.3. Show Users with No Role
           3.4. Creating Users
           3.5. Merge Users
                This tutorial demostrates how to merge two user accounts, deleting one, but also tranferring all activity from the account being deleted to the one being maintained.

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

   5. Authors
   6. Editors & 7. Section Editors
   8. Reviewers
   9. Copyeditors
   10. Layout Editors
   11. Proofreaders     
   12. Readers

III. System Administration

   13. Installation
   14. Backing up and Restoring
   15. Upgrading and Migrating
   16. Support; Development; Troubleshooting; Reporting Problems
   17. Other Administration Components