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Versioning for published articles is a work in progress at the project in Berlin.

New versions can be created of published articles. Newly created versions get a copy of the metadata (without publication date) and galleys of the recent version.

See GUI description:

URL structure

The URL structure of the current article remains the same. You can always get the latest version of an article and its galleys at this URL:

  • current article version: .../article/view/[articleId]
  • current galley version: .../article/view/[articleId]/[galleyId]

Additionally the latest version does also have an URL containing the version number (this is useful to cite this specific version). Older versions of an article can only be accessed via the version URL:

  • specific article version: .../article/version/[articleId]/[version]
  • specific galley version: .../article/version/[articleId]/[version]/[galleyId]

If you use custom identifier instead of the genereated article ids, the URL structure is the same as described above, only with the custiom identifier at the place of the article id.

DOIs and versioning

If DOIs are enabled for the journal, the default setting will be expanded per default by the version number. This means that the version number is always added to DOI, even if there is only one version.

  • DOIs at article level are stored in submission_settings
  • DOIs at galley level are stored in submission_galley_settings

Database structure


The metadata of a submission is stored in the following tables:

  • submissions stores information about the submission (e.g. stage_id, date_submitted, etc.)
  • published_submissions stores the metadata of a published submission (date_published has been moved from here to submission_settings, to allow article versions with different publication dates)
  • submission_settings stores the metadata that can differ between article versions (and translations)
submission_id submission_version locale setting_name setting_value setting_type
7 1 datePublished 2017-05-01 string
7 1 ... ... ... ...
7 2 datePublished 2017-05-08 string
7 2 ... ... ... ...


A collumn for the version number has been added to the author_settings table:

author_id submission_version locale setting_name setting_value setting_type
4 1 de_DE lastName Schmidt string
4 2 de_DE lastName Müller string


Similar to the metadata of a submission, the galley's metadata needs to be versionized. The same structure has been added to the corresponding tables (the files have been moved to a new table submission_galley_files, so the galley settings can be stored for each version).

  • submission_galley stores the metadata at galley level
  • submission_galley_settings stores the metadata that is relevant for versions (and translations)
  • submission_galley_files stores the galley files for each submission revision


Google Scholar

As each version is displayed at its own article page, the metadata for GoogleScholar (in dublin core) displays also the metadata of this version.


Only the metadata of the recent article is displayed at the OAI interface. --Svantje (talk) 01:25, 31 August 2018 (PDT)