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Review and Validation

The following items will periodically need review and validation:

  • Reading Tools "Related Items" URLs (stored in XML files shipped with applications)
  • Citation Format plugins ("How to Cite This Item" in the Reading Tools)
  • Default field text:
    • Prepared Emails
    • Payment Option text
    • Submission Preparation Checklist text (OJS: Setup 3.1)
    • Copyedit Instructions (OJS: Setup 4.5)
    • Layout Instructions for Reference Linking (OJS: Setup 4.6)
    • Proofing Instructions (OJS: Setup 4.7)
    • "Information for ..." blocks (OJS: Setup 5.7)

Workflow Modes

Workflow can be configured in several modes of operation. The following will need separate testing:


Review Process

  • Standard Review Process
  • Email-based Review Process

One-click reviewer Access

  • Enabled
  • Disabled

Editing Process (see Journal Setup Step 4)

  • A Copyeditor, Layout Editor, Proofreader will be assigned to work with each submission
  • Copyediting, Layout Editing, Proofreading will be undertaken by an Editor or Section Editor
  • NEW: the Citation Markup Assistant testing process


  • Open Access
  • Subscription


Submission Process (Scheduled Conference Setup, section 2.1):

  • Abstract
  • Full proposal
  • Abstract and proposal together
  • Abstract followed by proposal

We also have a Selenium Test Suite for all four submission modes.

One-click reviewer access (Scheduled Conference Setup, section 3.2)

  • Enabled
  • Disabled

Access to Conference Presentations (Conference Site Management, section 2.5)

  • Provide open access to all visitors to the website.
  • Require visitors to sign up with the website.
  • Require registration to attend the conference.

Bug Reporting

All bugs should be reported using the Bugzilla bug tracking system. Please provide as much detail as possible to assist the developers in identifying and resolving the problem.