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INASP Recommendations:

  • Confidentiality of registered user details between journals or between publishers! Or perhaps just the option to not show these to anyone except the aggregator administrator role.
  • Subscriptions to individual journals and the full site (or subject selections): Having the option to subscribe to the site is naturally something that would be expected for this sort of thing. AJOL currently uses a pre-paid account system which offers users the option to purchase a set number of articles which are then available to download from any journal. The option to have subscriptions to individual journals on the site will be useful for authors who should have free access to their work published in a particular journal, as well as for general users who wish to subscribe electronically to only 1 individual journal and not the whole site. (This is also useful for journals that are being reviewed by other services for indexing/hosting/Impact Factor related reviews and may need to provide access to their own electronic content which may only be online via AJOL/an OJS-based hosting service).