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INASP Recommendations:

  • On AJOL some of the Site-Level functionality is contained in a 'root' Journal, which in some ways behaves like other Journals, but in other ways is completely different, and at times can be very confusing. Would be great to find a way of doing this without the 'root' Journal, or at least mask this in the Navigation. We've added Site Administrator and AJOL Manager (the 'root' Journal) links to the user-logged box, which helps a lot. Perhaps another role called “Aggregator Administrator” with site-level functionality?
  • User Registration repeated for each title! AJOL developed a plug in to allow site-wide reader registration, and individual journals.
  • Visual graphic design/layout etc CLEAR distinction between Aggregator user interface, and partner journal user interface.
  • Page and Style Similarity: A common point raised (when training users/editors on the different roles available [author, reviewer, editor etc] is that the pages all look fairly similar in layout and style. Naturally the difference do become clearer with time and practice however if the pages could be slightly more noticeable in some way (be it style, colour or even something simple like bolder bread crumbs) this may be useful from a training point of view.
  • Masthead/Editorial Team link to be removed or made optional for Aggregators: As a host-only/non-publisher website it is impossible to get every journal to have its full editorial team register on the site and to then add these profiles to the ‘Editorial Team’ item as appears under the ‘People’ section in the ‘about’ pages of a journal online. These names/profiles in this Editorial Team page also require annual updating which is also pretty impossible. If a journal is managing its own content and wants this option available then that is great, but ideally it would be nice to have it removed. It would therefore be great if this option could be a tick-box option in the set up pages of a journal so that one managing the journal’s pages can add or remove this field if required