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[[Tech Committee Agenda 22 May 2013]]
[[Tech Committee Agenda 22 May 2013]]
[[Tech Committee Agenda 18 June 2013]]
== Meeting Minutes ==
== Meeting Minutes ==

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Welcome to the PKP Technical Committee page. We're part of the PKP governance structure.

Terms of Reference


  • provide technical input and advice on PKP’s software development methodologies and priorities
  • undertake specific technical assignments on behalf of PKP


  • Chair, selected by Advisory Committee for a two year term
  • 1 or more representatives from the PKP Software Development and Support Team (ex officio)
  • 1 or more representatives from each of the Development Partners:
    • California Digital Library (CDL)
    • Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL)
    • University of British Columbia (UBC)
    • University of Pittsburgh (UPitt)
  • 3 representatives from the Members Committee, for two year terms
  • 3 at-large members, invited by the Technical Committee, for two year terms



Current Members

  • Allan Bell (UBC)
  • Bozana Bokan (at-large member, Free University Berlin)
  • Marc Bria (at-large member, Autonomous University of Barcelona)
  • Brian Gregg (UPitt)
  • Barbara Hui (chair, CDL)
  • Bartek Kawula (OCUL)
  • Qinqin Lin (OCUL)
  • James MacGregor (PKP)
  • Jason Nugent (PKP)
  • Alec Smecher (PKP)
  • Lisa Schiff (CDL)
  • Bronwen Sprout (UBC)

Currently Unfilled Roles

  • 3 representatives from the PKP Members Committee (to be appointed by the Advisory Committee)
  • 1 at-large member (to be invited by the Tech Committee; under discussion)


PKP Technical Committee google group (invitation only; list messages archived there)

Meeting Agendas

16 April 2013

Tech Committee Agenda 22 May 2013

Tech Committee Agenda 18 June 2013

Meeting Minutes

Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 16 April 2013

Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 22 May 2013