Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 8 July 2014

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

Plugin Gallery

  • Certification levels
  • Packaging
  • Maintenance practices
  • Distribution

Feedback / Q&A

UI/UX update

  • Stages complete and implemented
  • Global Navigation close to being complete
    • awaiting further user feedback before confirming
  • Dashboard still being worked on
    • moved tasks from tab to global navigation
    • initial user feedback positive
    • continuing to prototype submission list
  • Starting work on the workflow pages, starting with Copyediting page
    • currently developing mockups (see images in wiki); will then move to prototyping and feedback requests
  • UI/UX work for Plugin Gallery under development
    • looking to Wordpress for inspiration
  • Next step will be to have all UI/UX developments to date included in a prototype and more fully test with users

Next Meeting